Good Evening Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Western part “Vesterbro”. Sunset tonight.


Good Morning Copenhagen.

In the weekends I usually sleep the mornings away and wake up around 9-10. Hmmm… Not today. I was up around 4:30 and had my first coffee. Surfing at the internet, reading the news, and just wake up slowly. Around 6 I stared out my kitchen-window, and the sky was painted red. I ran in and grabbed my camera I needed to capture this moment.


Have a great weekend out there.

Lost and Found.

I knew she was there somewhere I just had to look in my archives. I thought I had deleted the picture but I found her. Years ago in Plomari this girl sat at a tavern at the Platanos square.


So now I can start working on my issue this month. My surroundings here in Copenhagen.

Outside of Copenhagen.

Just had to capture this. Hopefully the summer will come soon.


Ice Girl.

To enjoy an Ice cream, you have to make sure. That the man behind the camera wont steal it.


Garbage Collector.

I met this man in an ally in the city of Mapusa, as I was sitting down in the shadow for a cigarette. He asked me for a cigarette, and I gave him two. I pointed my camera towards him and I got the permission to shoot. He was a hard working man collecting garbage on the streets and when I left him I gave him 50 Rupees for a meal.

20140307-Garbage collector

Out shopping.

Lady at Market

Lady shopping at the market in Mapusa.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls


Time to get home.

It’s time to travel home again. So I walked up the main-road here in Calangute this afternoon. Crowded with people and a lot of them were coming to spend the rest of the weekend here. Perhaps this family….


I sure hope they will have a good time.

The Construction worker.

On the trip today just outside Ponda I stumbled up on this construction worker. It is hard to work with asphalt when the temperature is 45.


This trip is about to be ended, and I will be leaving Goa Sunday night. Wonderful two weeks in the warm sun. Look forward to come home and start looking and editing pictures from the trip.I will spend the next two days at the beach but will also take some smaller trips to the local cities. Doing some street-shots.

Good Night Calangute.

The sun has been diving into the Arab Sea.


Good Night.

From The Rooftop.

At Falcon Beach Resort in Calangute, Goa, India. Just after midnight on a Friday.


I never ask for permission to get up on rooftops. Sometimes it’s easy.

Have a Nice weekend.

Rest in The Shadow.

Man takes a rest in the shadow. a warm day at the market in Mapusa.


Lady With Broom.

Cleaning the streets of Calangute.


Time to travel.

Panjim central

Off to India for two weeks. This picture is from the last years trip. From the bus station in Panjim. 

No Comment.


Do I dare to take the picture?

Beside me, right now there is an old man filling his pipe with tobacco. I want to ask him if I can take a picture. But do I dare to do it? And yes I did. Vagn is 77 years old and he loves to get out for a beer and smoke his pipe. I asked him if he wanted a print, and he replied: No. I’m old and ugly so why do I want that…


I love people who live their life just the way they want.

Russian in a Rickshaw.

You can always spot if they are Russian. They never wear a shirt.




Took a photo of another photographer here the other day.

The Market in Panjim.

As a traveler I love to visit the local marketplaces. Early in the morning when the fruits and everything is fresh and clean. The market in Panjim in India is no different from others. In this part of the world you have to come early in the morning or at least before the sun has had its chance to ruin the freshness of the fruits, meet, and fish.


I love these moments and in 26 days from now I will be visiting India once more.

The Colour of Red.

I had a session with photographing droplets here the other day. I ended up with some red wine and I don’t like to play with alcohol It’s to expensive. So I went down to the nearby supermarket and purchased some colour for food. That will do it? Yes it will, and if you want you can also use some red filter on your light system just to increase the colour.


It is kind off funny to play in the studio, but now I have to go back to my work desk. I have to finish some details for the trip to India and search for some locations that I want to shoot.

Winter in Copenhagen.

I forgot to bring my camera today. Lucky I had my iPhone then.


Walking Man.

Let’s Walk.

Travel planning.

Before travel to another country I spend a lot of time to do some research. Travel-photography is about knowing what sites to visit, and at what time of the day you should be there for the best result of lightning. I used to buy books and reading travel-magazines, now I do my research at internet. Google is one, and I love Here I can just search in archives and  find inspiration from other photographers work.I also do some research on Wikipedia.


Most travel companies do arrange sightseeing, and it is a good thing but you do not have the time to do what you want and this trips are usually crowded with other tourist’s. So ask a local guide if they can provide you with a day-trip so that you can go on your own undisturbed by others.

fishermens hut

Now it’s time to go back to my desktop, and do some more research for my next trip.

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With a sunset on my mind I will go to bed.


In Memories.

Tonight I lit a candle in my window. My mother would have ben 83 years today.


Frida & Jonas

Fridaog jonas

Lady at Pub.

Back in May 2011 I met an elderly lady in a Pub in Copenhagen. I sat down beside her and asked if I could take a portrait.

20110531-Dame på værtshus 2-Edit


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